The Web 3 Ecosystem Map

help you navigate and connect to your own ecosystem for building a better web

We believe web3 is about bringing an ecosystem together where we all grow.> Artists & creators
> Brands & companies
> Community & consultancy
All supported by next gen tech.While more global than ever, we all strive for local trust.

Available Regions



  • Quarterly updated map

  • Clickable logo's

  • Database


  • NFT

  • Wallet addresses

  • Community contribution & utility


Interested to own a regional map for your region?Please reach out to us if you have a willingness to do so; and can commit to quarterly updates. We get you started; but you will own your region.

The team

Samuel is a strategic business developer, always looking to make the world a bit better through web & data. From Amsterdam, NL and a passion for Belgian beers.

Eric is a technology generalist, and always open to collaborate on the right project with good teammates. Hit me up with your ideas! Also, I love open source! From New Orleans, LA and a passion for Colombia.